Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Operation Incubation

Now that Kay is pregnant, the emotional roller coaster has finally come to a stop, at least for me (Kay is pregnant after all). Life is a little bit calmer, but quite a bit more interesting, as we do baby research, and make baby lists, and shop for baby stuff. It's also full of new surprises and things to get used to.

All-day Morning Sickness
They say morning sickness is pretty standard in the first trimester, but for Kay, it was all day sickness. She was nauseous pretty much from getting out of bed in the morning till going to bed at night. I don't think she ever vomited, but she definitely came close. For the first few weeks she did nothing but lay on the couch, until my incessant nagging (its my blog, so I get to take the credit) got her to go to the doctor and get a prescription. She still occasionally gets a little sick, but not nearly as bad as it was in the beginning, when I had to keep five different kinds of ginger food options in the house at all times, ranging from ginger candy to ginger tea.

Super Human Sense of Smell
Kay's super-sniffer has seriously astounded me. The sensitivity of her nose has increased exponentially since becoming pregnant, which apparently has something to do with an evolutionary trait to make sure she doesn't ingest anything that might harm the baby.  Just walking through a door into a large building has made her turn to me and say: "someone is wearing too much perfume" only to figure out that person was on the opposite side of the building.

Cravings are Real
Kay's cravings have not been as unusual as some that I've heard, mostly she craves vinegar. We made a batch of pickled garden carrots recently, and I'm positive they would all be gone already had I not told her that they take time for the pickling to set in. So in the absence of eating our stash of pickled carrots, I came home to find her eating potatoes doused in vinegar...apparently we were all out of chips.

The Baby-Bump
Kay was so excited to start seeing some progress in the growth of her bump. She took progress pictures to watch it grow, which definitely helped, and I was really surprised to see how fast it grew. It hasn't led to too much discomfort yet, but she can't sleep on her stomach anymore (her preferred position is face down starfish, taking up the entire king size bed), the baby is basically always sitting on her bladder, and we have already gone shopping for special pregnancy pillows to alleviate her anticipated sleep issues, although she couldn't make a commitment to any of them.

Crying at the Drop of a Hat
Not everything, but pretty much anything will make Kay cry. Obviously the amount of hormones surging through her body is what makes her emotional and trying not to laugh is the hardest part of dealing with these situations, but I try to be as supportive as I can. Especially when it's me singing a song she doesn't like that brings her to tears, or interrupting her show to ask her questions, or getting scratched by the cat, or feeling like an imposter because her belly isn't big enough yet. In my opinion, it's adorable, so I just give her a hug and keep my chuckling in my head.

Given where we've come from, it's been really nice to have a relatively uneventful pregnancy to date. While it hasn't been without its challenges, a little bit of normalcy in our lives has been a breath of fresh air - even if potatoes and vinegar are your benchmark for normal.

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